Brian Morrissey


a creative collection of print, logo and web design


Still a popular means of marketing, print is an investment that will gain you exposure, recognition and is a great way to reach any audience. My print abilities range from something as simplistic as a flyer to a more intricate product, such as a catalog.


A great platform to create client identity! Starting with a logo allows me to build upon that creative concept and carry it over to additional marketing needs, such as business cards and other print products, as well as web design. The collection of products that is based off of the logo will carry the same design elements and esthetics.


Taking print a step further, web design is a critical component to marketing. Any print product I create can be carried over to the web site. This avenue of integrated media is a great way to reach your targeted audience.


Recommendations from former co-workers and clients

Inna Svirskiy

Inna Svirskiy

International Marketing Manager

"We were outsourcing our graphic design needs to an agency until we hired Brian and it was such a positive change to have him as part of our team. Brian’s creativity and knowledge of layout and design was able to provide higher caliber work than we were getting from an entire design firm. His can-do attitude and work ethic is employed to all tasks he takes on, no matter how tedious. Brian is a team player and is always open to design changes based on management feedback. He was a pleasure to work with and he would be an asset to any company."
Ryan Bettez

Ryan Bettez

Regional Property Manager
Corcoran Jennison

"Where do I start? Brian is fantastic. He gets the work done at the highest quality and on time. He is great at setting up systems to make sure deadlines are met and the entire team looks good. He is the perfect team member, no drama just results. You can rest easy knowing Brian is on your team. I miss working with him and hope our paths cross again."


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